random thoughts, but Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

What a crazy/fun time of year!!

We spend Christmas with so many people, it's almost New Year's and we still have more Christmas to do! How fun! It is so great to see so many people, I wish we could get together more often!

I think we're going to have a quiet New Years, just the two of us. Everything has been so busy lately, it'll be nice to sit and do nothing together!

Went to Buca Di Beppo's for dinner with my cousins, throwing this in here because it was soooo gooood!! if anyone has one nearby, or on vacation or something, definitely go. Family style Italian food. giant bowls full, meatballs the size of softballs! no exaggeration!!

My sister is at 29 weeks, due very soon! she is soo cute too! Mom and I are planning her shower, it's so fun! She may have gestational diabetes, but she is going to get tested again. her first test was the day after Christmas, and we all ate more sugar than you could ever imagine that day, so it should be better this next time. She said she goes again on the 5th, so she's being really good until then!

Did I ever say she and Scott are having a boy? They are decorating his room in airplanes, it's so cute! Steve and I have bought so much stuff, baby clothes and stuffed animals are very hard to pass up. but hey, it's my sister, i'm aloud to spoil!

Saw Grandma at Christmas Eve. She is having a lot of mini strokes, but other than that, she really looked great. She is easier to understand now too, very quiet and short sentences, but makes more sense.

think that's it for now!
I'll try to get better at these updates! Going to Atlanta for work in January, so I'll be gone just a little while....everyone take care! Happy New Year!


took awhile...but here are some wedding photos...

Entire Wedding Party

Steve and I and all our parents

Steve and I under arch

This is my favorite!

My Family, aren't we cute! :)

Me and my Dad


things to do

I saw this list on someone else's blog (Crazy Talk) and thought I would do the same. This is a list of things to do in your life, the items in bold are things I have done. Some good, some bad, some very adventurous, but it was fun to see what I had done on this giant list...

01. Bought everyone in the bar a drink
02. Swam with wild dolphins
03. Climbed a mountain
04. Taken a Ferrari for a test drive
05. Been inside the Great Pyramid
06. Held a tarantula
07. Taken a candlelit bath with someone
08. Said “I love you” and meant it
09. Hugged a tree
10. Bungee jumped
11. Visited Paris
12. Watched a lightning storm at sea
13. Stayed up all night long and saw the sun rise
14. Seen the Northern Lights
15. Gone to a huge sports game
16. Walked the stairs to the top of the leaning Tower of Pisa
17. Grown and eaten your own vegetables
18. Touched an iceberg
19. Slept under the stars
20. Changed a baby’s diaper
21. Taken a trip in a hot air balloon
22. Watched a meteor shower
23. Gotten drunk on champagne
24. Given more than you can afford to charity
25. Looked up at the night sky through a telescope
26. Had an uncontrollable giggling fit at the worst possible moment
27. Had a food fight
28. Bet on a winning horse
29. Asked out a stranger
30. Had a snowball fight
31. Screamed as loudly as you possibly can
32. Held a lamb
33. Seen a total eclipse
34. Ridden a roller coaster
35. Hit a home run
36. Danced like a fool and not cared who was looking
37. Adopted an accent for an entire day
38. Actually felt happy about your life, even for just a moment
39. Had two hard drives for your computer
40. Visited all 50 states
41. Taken care of someone who was drunk
42. Had/Have amazing friends
43. Danced with a stranger in a foreign country
44. Watched whales
45. Stolen a sign
46. Backpacked in Europe
47. Taken a road-trip
48. Gone rock climbing
49. Midnight walk on the beach
50. Gone sky diving
51. Visited Ireland
52. Been heartbroken longer than you were actually in love
53. In a restaurant, sat at a stranger’s table and had a meal with them
54. Visited Japan
55. Milked a cow
56. Alphabetized your cds
57. Pretended to be a superhero
58. Sung karaoke
59. Lounged around in bed all day
60. Played touch football
61. Gone scuba diving
62. Kissed in the rain
63. Played in the mud
64. Played in the rain
65. Gone to a drive-in theater
66. Visited the Great Wall of China
67. Started a business
68. Fallen in love and not had your heart broken
69. Toured ancient sites
70. Taken a martial arts class
71. Played D&D for more than 6 hours straight
72. Gotten married
73. Been in a movie
74. Crashed a party
75. Gotten divorced
76. Gone without food for 5 days
77. Made cookies from scratch
78. Won first prize in a costume contest
79. Ridden a gondola in Venice
80. Gotten a tattoo
81. Rafted the snake river
82. Been on television news programs as an “expert”
83. Gotten flowers for no reason
84. Performed on stage
85. Been to Las Vegas
86. Recorded music
87. Eaten shark
88. Kissed on the first date
89. Gone to Thailand
90. Bought a house
91. Been in a combat zone
92. Buried one/both of your parents
93. Been on a cruise ship
94. Spoken more than one language fluently
95. Performed in a Rocky Horror Picture Show
96. Raised children
97. Followed your favorite band/singer on tour
98. Passed out cold
99. Taken an exotic bicycle tour in a foreign country
100. Picked up and moved to another city to just start over
101. Walked the Golden Gate Bridge
102. Sang loudly in the car, and didn’t stop when you knew someone was looking
103. Had plastic surgery
104. Survived an accident that you shouldn’t have survived
105. Wrote articles for a large publication
106. Lost over 100 pounds
107. Held someone while they were having a flashback
108. Piloted an airplane
109. Touched a stingray
110. Broken someone’s heart
111. Helped an animal give birth
112. Won money on a TV game show
113. Broken a bone
114. Gone on an African photo safari
115. Had a facial part pierced other than your ears
116. Fired a rifle, shotgun, or pistol
117. Eaten mushrooms that were gathered in the wild
118. Ridden a horse
119. Had major surgery
120. Had a snake as a pet
121. Hiked to the bottom of the Grand Canyon
122. Slept for more than 30 hours over the course of 48 hours
123. Visited more foreign countries than U.S. states
124. Visited all 7 continents
125. Taken a canoe trip that lasted more than 2 days
126. Eaten kangaroo meat
127. Eaten sushi
128. Had your picture in the newspaper
129. Changed someone’s mind about something you care deeply about
130. Gone back to school
131. Parasailed
132. Touched a cockroach
133. Eaten fried green tomatoes
134. Read “The Iliad”
135. Selected one “important” author who you missed in school, and read
136. Killed and prepared an animal for eating
137. Skipped all your school reunions
138. Communicated with someone without sharing a common spoken language
139. Been elected to public office
140. Written your own computer language
141. Thought to yourself that you’re living your dream
142. Had to put someone you love into hospice care
143. Built your own PC from parts
144. Sold your own artwork to someone who didn’t know you
145. Had a booth at a street fair
146. Dyed your hair
147. Been a DJ
148. Shaved your head
149. Caused a car accident
150. Saved someone’s life



I forgot before I finished my wedding post!
Maui is gorgeous!!!!! If you haven't been there you have to go, expensive food-wise, but definitely worth it! We're ready to go again!!

What we didn't know was that some of the activities need to be reserved in advance. so, a lot of things we weren't able to do, all the more reason to go back some day!

The view is amazing. We took a few day tours, toured pineapple/fruit plantations, went to the top of Haleakala Crater (looks like you're on the moon!) toured the Road to Hana, saw all those beautiful sites. Went in a cavern/cave with flashlights, and even parasailed! That had to be the most exciting thing that I have ever done. 800 feet of rope, up in the air, and Steve and I were able to go up together. it was so wonderful. The last night we saw a theater production about the history of the island that was really impressive and we hiked through a redwood forest.

It amazed me that one place could have so many different climates and views. Ocean (clear blue), mountains, rain forests, redwood forests, craters. I'll share pictures soon, like I said earlier, I don't have any at work! what was I thinking!!

Oh, and we got back about 6 days before the earthquake. God was watching out for us through this entire last month! I was glad to hear that no one was hurt though.

what an incredible time...

It's been a while since I've been on here! Life got so crazy after Steve and I got home!

The wedding was wonderful!! I can't stress that enough. It ended up pouring most of the morning, but about 1/2 hour before the ceremony the rained just stopped. The ceremony was at 2:30 under an arch of mums on the lake and pictures were there afterwards. The girls were a little cold, but it was all beautiful. I'm so proud for all the wonderful people that came. plus those that were at the lake but didn't walk up! the rain started again about 3:15 or so, just enough time to get pictures done. I tell ya, we were being looked after, no doubt in my mind!

The limo guys were so fun, and although the photographer was a bit wierd, he was very thorough. The hall was just beautiful! Linda really really came through. I couldn't have asked for a more beautiful reception. We got the DJ that we requested, who is a lot of fun, the food was unreal! everyone commented on how bad some wedding food could be, but ours definitely won. we ate it the next day too, and Dad froze some as well!

we danced all night, had a great time. I can't even explain everything!
I'll add just one photo for right now, it's the only one that I have on my computer at work! it's of all of my employees and myself, doesn't even have Steve in it! Don't worry though! I have sooooo many photos, I just need to get home and post them!!


four days to go!

wow!! four days!!

yesterday, the guy from the park system called to let me know that the Vietnam Veterans Traveling Tribute Wall will be at the gazebo where we are supposed to get married! He said we could still use the gazebo if we wanted, but the road would be blocked off and a lot of people will be around! good timing!

Now, don't get me wrong, i think that wall is a very special thing, and I would actually like to see it, BUT, why couldn't he tell me earlier!!! He did offer for us to get married at the Mum festival that's on the other side of the lake. there is a huge arch of mums there, and he would clear the area for us. it'll be pretty but last minute stuff is driving me crazy!!!

other than that, I think Steve is going to take tonight off to help me with all the last minute stuff, and we're about done. as long as nothing else goes wrong!!!

I'm still very excited though! but very tired!!


shower, bachlorette party and strep throat...

My sister held a "friends shower" on Saturday for me. We separated that from the family shower because the family shower had so many people. Amy did an amazing job. I kind of felt bad because I didn't do nearly as much for her as she did for me on Saturday. She thinks of everything and is so creative! The favors were jelly jars containing all the ingredients for making Reese's Pieces cookies!

The shower went really good. 17 people including Steve and I and both our Moms. We got so much stuff again!!!

The bach party was immediately following. Yes, it was a very long day, but it was so hard to find even one day that my three bridesmaids could do, I couldn't even imagine finding 2! Amy set up Pure Romance party, which I've been to before and it is totally hilarious! A room full of girls talking about sex and spa products, so funny! Then a few of us went out to the Galaxy which is a really nice place that has banquet halls, dining rooms, wine bars and a sports bar. We really didn't stay all that long, because we were beat!! Amy made me a veil to wear out though, and Steve's Mom bought me a white t-shirt that had "bride" written in little jewels. It was cute.

So, all in all a really fun day. The only problem through the whole thing was that I came down with Strep Throat on Thursday!! I went to the Dr. on Friday and he gave me an antibiotic and told me to take double each day to knock it out fast. That way by Saturday afternoon he said I was no longer contagious. So, I felt better, just stuffy and tired. but a fun day.

This weekend, Steve and his groomsmen are going to PA to a cabin to cook out and fish. He'll have a great time.

Then, in 11 days!!! Holy cow! this year has gone so fast!!! I'm so excited!

Grandma Barnes is still doing so-so. She had some tests done yesterday because she gained 12 lbs. of water weight in her legs! They thought she was getting blood clots, but luckily that was incorrect. They aren't sure what is going on, but she's back at the rehab center again. She really likes it there. She has a schedule for lunch and dinner with some other residents, and different shows she watches on TV. She won't talk on the phone during these events at all and since she can't speak well yet, when you call all she says is "eating" or "tv" and she hangs up on you!! :) it's a riot!! and she won't call back! you have to guess when she's finished to talk to her or you'll get hung up on again! She seems in good spirits though for so much going on. We just continue to pray...

That's some of my life for now. more later. Blogging is such a great thing to have even if it is only to get everything out on paper- so to speak. I no longer have the desire to write, typing is easier! it's just great to put some thoughts down...



We ordered our cake yesterday! it was fun!

We went a little overboard, but we've been very conservative with our other plans, so I wanted a big cake! It has three tiers, with a fountain underneath them, deep dark chocolate in flavor and the icing roses on the cake light up! The roses are yellow, red and orange (all deep colored) and the yellow roses light up. dark green leaves, and three separate small cakes around the outside. yellow and marble flavored. very fun. I can't wait to see it finished!!

One thing that has gone very well. thank goodness!


when it rains it pours!

so it's probably not all that bad, but I'm stressed out so it seems like it!

Just little problems. The limo company that was providing 2 6-passenger limos called to tell me that he only had one. he left that on my voicemail at night. I freaked out. in the morning I called and he started laughing and said that he has one 6 passenger and one 10 passenger and would that work? no extra money. of course that would work! why couldn't he have left that message! he said he works with brides all the time and freaking them out is a little fun. jerk. :)

My photographer unexpectedly had to go in this past monday for reconstructive knee surgury and is out of commission until Dec. what luck! he's hooking us up with another photographer that he knows though, that also knows our DJ, so all should be fine. I'm just disappointed because my original photographer won't be there. I had really gotten to know him and his wife over the last year, done some graphic design work for his company and he's a lot of fun.

tried to order a cake last saturday. the bakery is open from 10a-4p, we were there about 1:30 or so. lady came out asked if we needed help. I told her we needed to order our cake and she said "oh, we don't take orders on Saturdays. We're making cakes for this evening. You wouldn't want us taking orders on your big day" Big Deal! why do I care if she takes orders or not! how long could taking an order possibly take!! and why are they open then at all!!! I was super ticked off!

Steve ushered me out before I had the opportunity to flip out on the woman and we are going to try and go tonight. problem is, they are only open until 6p on weekdays, and I work until 5. oh well.

On a good wedding note though, all the bridal party flowers are finished, all we need is reception flowers. and Linda also sent out the invites and info about the rehearsal dinner. a little late, but they are out and that is all that matters. the flowers are beautiful, she did a nice job.

Grandma Barnes' condition hasn't really changed. I wish I had great news to tell, but at least I don't have bad news either.

Wedding is Sept. 30, 16 days! I'm really very excited!! I just decided though, that I'm not going to verify anymore plans with service providers, that's when things go wrong!


this ridiculous week...

What a terrible week! I am totally a bride! :)

The family shower was this past weekend. It actually went really well, so I thought. I got to talk to all my family and friends, had a great time, got lots of really cool gifts, all is happy in the world. Then I find out that my crazy great Aunt Clara actually spent the shower telling Steve's family what terrible ungreatful people my family were. I should have seen it coming. To make a long story short, she raised my mom. Mom is wonderful, Aunt Clara thinks we don't honor her enough for raising my mom, so we're all ungreatful, terrible people. This is not a new story to me. Since I was 10 years old she's been telling me how awful my mom is and how fat she is and etc... finally I couldn't hold it in any longer. I told mom.

I probably should have kept my mouth shut, (like I've done for the last 20 years) but no part of me was able to do that. So after a long Monday and a lot of conversations, we un-invited her. What a mess.

Then, Tuesday and Wednesday, I was late for work. Wednesday I didn't even set my alarm!! I've NEVER done that!! It was terrible. I've also been just a crying, weeping mess this week. This is so unlike me! All I can figure out is that it is the stress of work and the stress of the wedding...

Update on Grandma Barnes...things don't seem to be going that well. She was able to come to the shower which was sooo fun! it was great to see her and she was soo excited to be there. but after that she seemed to go backwards. She's still at the clinic and all that, but she's been falling a lot and not making it to the bathroom in time. She had another MRI and they want to wait about 6-8 weeks before surgery on the other side. I'm not sure what is really going on, no one is. We're just a little nervous.

That's my venting for now. More later.



one year ago today Steve proposed! Time goes so fast! I'm so excited with everything that is happening in our lives, and also for what is to come.

Grandma Barnes is doing ok. She is at the rehabilitation center now, and is pretty happy there. lots of people to talk to and things to do. she is working with a speak therapist right now. she had no physical damage from the stroke, but is having trouble saying nouns, and expressing herself. Feeling much better though! No word yet when the second surgery will be.

Wedding plans are good. we are just about set. waiting for all the replies to come back, then have to make seating plans, but other than that good to go. no flowers yet, but whatever!

family shower is this weekend, it's all starting now! I'm excited!

My cousin is moving back to Cleveland! he and i were pretty close, but he moved out of town and getting together just got hard. hopefully now we'll get to see each other again. he's a lab tech and got a new job, wanted to move closer to home.

My sister is doing as good as expected. she super excited and still super sick. but she's very positive about it which is good. her next doctor apt. is in about 2 weeks or so.

Dad and I went to a baseball game on Saturday. We had a great time. It was nice to get him out having fun and forgetting all the work stress. He's like a little kid at those things! we had a blast, I hope we can do it again soon!

that's about it for my update, almost time to get home!


more updates

Well, Grandma Barnes went into a rehabilitation clinic on Saturday afternoon. They still aren't able to get her blood pressure down, but they need to get her better in order to do surgury on the other artery in her neck. I don't know much about it, but she is supposed to be there for 2 weeks at least. We talked to her Saturday morning and she says that she feels a little better. She's still a little confused and sounds terrible, but she seemed happy to talk to Steve.

Amy is super sick. She found out at the doctor last week that she is 8-1/2 weeks pregnant with a expected due date of March 21, and she can't keep anything down. She's still excited though, and she calls me a few times a day to ask me to drink a Diet Coke for her and to eat a hot dog! (or whatever she's hungry for at the time) She's told me a list of everything that she's gotten sick on and will never touch again! I feel so bad for her, she sounds horrible, but I can't wait to see my little niece or nephew! Plus, I have been trying to get her to give me some jobs to do for the shower. She's holding a bridal shower for me, and I think she needs some help, but she won't give in!

Steve and I had a great day on Saturday, it was his night off work so we had all day together, by ourselves. That doesn't happen often so we took full advantage! We went miniture golfing and played in the arcade and drove go-carts. It was so fun! Steve and I and a bunch of little kids! I won mini golf and air hockey, and he won everything else. Then we went to Cold Stone Creamery for some ice cream, and rented a few movies and went home. It was great to spend time with just him. I just love him so much!

Well, that's it for now, everyone have a great Monday!


cute website

This is a really cute website that I found about stories we used to believe as children...check it out if you get a chance.


Grandma update

Thank you for all your prayers!
So far, not much news. Grandma Barnes is still in intensive care, they thought that she could be out by now, but no such luck.
She is still doing ok, her only problem is that they are unable to get her blood pressure down. Once that happens, she could be released. Still no decision on whether to have surgury on the other side or not.

I was told that she is hooked up to 5 different IVs and meds, but she's still tough! She's a little confused about what time of year it is, but she's aware of what's going on and she's insisting that she's coming to Steve and my wedding! We just love her!

I'll update more when I get more news.


Grandma Barnes

To anyone out there, I am asking for your prayers for my future Mother-in-law's Mom. She has suffered a stroke after our crazy hot OH weather the last few days, and is in need of some prayers. She has one artery completely blocked and one 70% blocked and we are waiting to see if she is going to be a good candidate for surgery.

God decides when your time to join him has come, but she is a very special lady and she is in my thoughts.

thank you!

Grandma Barnes did have surgery on one side. She is currently in intensive care, but seems to be doing ok right now. Her blood pressure spiked this morning, but hopefully they can get that under control. If all goes well, she could get released tomorrow or Thursday. Then they may decide to do the other side in about a month or so, if needed. Because of her age, they may not do it if everything else seems ok. Thanks for the prayers!

She did say that she was lucky because her husband was with her through the whole surgery (he passed away about 2 years ago.) So she was happy.



I saw this survey somewhere, and it's kind of interesting. Feel free to steal it!

What is your salad dressing of choice? Ranch, the fatter the better!
What is your favorite fast food restaurant? Taco Bell
What is your favorite sit down restaurant? Olive Garden
On average, what size tip do you leave at a restaurant? 20% unless something is really terrible. I was a waitress for years, they don’t make much money.
What food could you eat every day for two weeks and not get sick of? pasta
Name three foods you detest above all others. Raw tomatos, seafood, other than that, I'm not sure!
What is your favorite dish to order in a Chinese restaurant? Egg rolls!
What are your pizza toppings of choice? Mushroom, or deluxe
What do you like to put on your toast? Peanut butter and jelly or honey
What is your favorite type of gum? Orbit

Number of contacts in your cell phone? Close to 40 maybe??
Number of contacts in your email address book? 20-30
What is your wallpaper on your computer? Beach scene
What is your screensaver on your computer? Blank screen
Are there naked pictures saved on your computer? Not that I know of!
How many land line phones do you have in your house? None, just cell phones
How many televisions are in your house? 3
What kitchen appliance do you use the least? Stove because I don’t cook, dishwasher, steve cooks, I wash dishes.
What is the format of the radio station you listen to the most? country
How many sex toys do you own that require batteries? I had some, but I’m out at this moment

What do you consider to be your best physical attribute? My eyes maybe?
Are you right handed or left handed? left
Do you like your smile? Not really, but at least my teeth are straight!
Have you ever had anything removed from your body? nope
Would you like to? A lot of fat, but as you can see from the food section above, that is my problem!
Do you prefer to read when you go to the bathroom? Nope. I get in and get out.
Which of your five senses do you think is keenest? Smell
When was the last time you had a cavity? About 2 years ago
What is the heaviest item you lift regularly? Case of catalogs, 37lbs.
Have you ever been knocked unconscious? I don’t think so

If it were possible, would you want to know the day you were going to die? As controlling as I am, I think that even some things should remain a mystery
If you could change your first name, what would you change it to? Something not as common!How do you express your artistic side? I’m a graphic designer, it’s my job!
What color do you think you look best in? black, it’s slimming!
How long do you think you could last in a medium security prison? I honestly have no idea. Not long.
Have you ever swallowed a non-food item by mistake? Probably!
If we weren't bound by society's conventions, do you have a relative you would make a pass at? I love my cousins, but that’s gross.
How often do you go to church? I don’t, but I should.
Have you ever saved someone's life? Not that I know of.
Has someone ever saved yours? All my friends and family keep me living!

For this last section, if you would do it for less or more money, indicate how much.

Would you walk naked for a half mile down a public street for $100,000? I’d need more than that, that’s not something you’d want to see. (million maybe?)
Would you kiss a member of the same sex for $100? More please! 100,000 and I’d give a peck.
Would you have sex with a member of the same sex for $10,000? No, no money for that one.
Would you allow one of your little fingers to be cut off for $200,000? I like my fingers!
Would you never blog again for $50,000? Sure, that’s fine.
Would you pose naked in a magazine for $250,000? Lots of millions. I’m not very daring.
Would you drink an entire bottle of hot sauce for $1000? 25,000 – my stomach needs that much!
Would you, without fear of punishment, take a human life for $1,000,000? I couldn’t do that, I can’t even hit an animal with my car without tearing up.
Would you shave your head and get your entire body waxed for $5,000? I would love to get my entire body waxed, permanantly! But the head part would cost more.
Would you give up watching television for a year for $25,000? Lots more money please!


I'm going to be an Aunt!

My sister is pregnant!! At least we hope! I'm getting a little ahead of myself. My sister and her husband have been kind of trying for a few months now. She called me a few days ago to tell me that she's "peed on two sticks and got two lines on each!" which I guess means she's pregnant. She called the doctor and they told her that they've never had someone come in with those positive results and have had it wrong...we're so excited!! Hopefully this will get Dad out of his funk now. I'm so happy for both of them, and Steve is probably so dreading this! I'll be talking non-stop about my wonderful neice or nephew. At the same time, I hope it is just like her! :)

Congrats Amy and Scott!


hot pockets

Krista and I went to the printer the other day to pick up proofs of our newest catalog. the intent was to drive there and drive back. Karen was just back from vacation, super busy, and I didn't want to take up too much of her time.
It never happens the way that I plan!
We walked in and Don (our sales rep) was in the lobby. So he took us back to Karen's desk and we all stood around and talked too long! Joe (the pre-press guy) came over too. So, Joe decided Krista needed a tour of the plant because she'd never had one before. A nickel tour is what he called it, so that it didn't take much of our time. That never happens either! but it was really nice of them to do it. So we all go for a tour.
This is where I get into the picture I posted. Joe was showing us some "direct-to-plate" presses, which were actually pretty interesting. He said that they go up to 520 degrees! so one night, a long time ago, he was working night shift and decided to test that 520 degrees, with a hot pocket! We were laughing at him so hard! he said he'd never told anyone that before!


updated and boring stuff

I am never on here anymore. I need to come up with exciting things to talk about. (I think that I have said this many many times in the past!) My life seems boring, although it really shouldn't be, but I guess I don't feel that I have exciting enough stuff to talk about that other people would listen too or care about!

We are getting married in about 3 months. I'm just amazed at how fast the year has gone. I am very excited about getting married, yet at the same time, I can't wait for it to be over! This wedding planning thing is ridiculous! so many little things to think about and so many people that you try to please. Now I know, it is our wedding so it should be what we want, but it is just not entirely that way. Everyone throws ideas at me, and I try to please everyone, and that just doesn't work. But anyway, we've registered now, so we're just at the last stuff- making favors, mailing invites, paying everyone lots of money....

Work is ok. Nothing new. We've gotten easy approvals of catalogs lately, which is scary! That's a good thing, but at the same time part of you waits for the big disaster. I think I've gotten too negative, I need to be more positive in my life...what's wrong with me!

I am really worried about my dad. He has severe depression I think, he hates his job, his children have all grown up and moved out, and he's miserable. He is mad at Mom all the time saying she doesn't understand him etc. and he really needs to retire. But he's scared. I understand that. But he really worries me, I wish that he would go to a doctor and get an annual physical (regularly) and talk to someone about what is going on.

On a happy note, we went out on Tuesday and shot photos for our early spring catalog at this woman's house that has a barn and a lot of gardens. She has a bunch of crazy animals that walk around, and it was hot but productive and a lot of fun. Check out the picture of the crazy peacock that scared us with his hollers all day long....


long time

well, it's been a long time since i've been on here...i don't know that I can fill in everything that has been going on...

the anniversary party was a success. linda, ashley and amy joined steve and i to set things up. it was a long stressful day, but in the end, everyone had a great time including my parents...

we have a lot of wedding plans set. invitations ordered, my whole outfit complete, waiting on earrings for the girls, honeymoon set (maui here I come!) working on showers, favors, deciding on programs. we still need to register, that's the biggest thing really...

steve is wonderful, got me great stuff for my birthday, and spent the entire weekend with me!! it was great!

mom is trying to get grips on the internet, which is not quite as much of a disaster as it was in the beginning...getting better.

my photographer quit!! that sucks bad! his last day is next week. and we are beyond swamped right now. I really need everyone working...getting stressed again...

that's a short update for now


Right Now!

I am one of those people that when there is something to plan, I want to do it RIGHT NOW! I am very impatient. I like doing things myself. I am trying very hard these days to learn patience, learn that not everyone is like me, and learn to work with others. I do fine at work with this concept, but other things are different.

I am planning a 30th Anniversary party with my sister for mom and dad. Nothing too elaborate or anything, just informal dinner and socializing. We are also going to go and get our picture taken for them, we haven't done that since sometime in high school. long time ago.

It's hard to do things with her, don't get me wrong, I'm glad she's helping, but her schedule is so different than mine, and she's much more relaxed on the whole thing. I want every answer for everything right now, and that's just not how it works. It'll turn out great though...hopefully.

I'm also starting to stress about wedding flowers. I know there is like 7 months left, but I would love to get them done, stored away, and not worry about them anymore. That's not how Linda works though. She's a last minute person. I appreciate that she is going to do them, but I KNOW we'll be putting flowers together the day before the wedding, and I am going to flip out!!

That's it for now, I'm trying to learn patience...wish me luck!


Valentine's Day

Happy V-day! I've never really been big into this holiday. I'm not sure why. I think it's really because what in the world do you get a guy? i look at all the websites that have suggestions and think to myself Steve would never want any of the generic "guy" stuff. it's really hard! and i don't want to just buy presents like at Christmas or birthdays, because that's not "romantic" at all. It's really frustrating to me!

This year I ordered him glass beer stines (even though he doesn't drink) that have deer and pine trees etched into them. they are really cool! i don't know if he would ever use them, but I saw this woman in Portland that is amazing at this and had to get them. still not very romantic, but he LOVES deer, so I thought it may be a good idea. we'll see i guess.

You can definitely tell it is V-day at work though, everyone getting flowers delivered, bringing around candy and just being generally happy today. Too bad it's not like this everyday, make the place much more enjoyable!!!!


Let the year begin!

I'm back in the swing of things. Normal schedule again. I like it. I was on vacation time for a lot of December, then went to Portland OR for work the beginning of January. Don't get my wrong, it's nice to have everything mix up, but it was long enough.

Full wedding planning now. A little frustrating because my mother is trying to move too fast with plans and Steve's mom is moving way too slow for my taste. it'll all get figured out somehow I guess...

Trying a new workout plan that works for Steve. Drinking a gallon of water a day (yes I said a gallon!) and working out on his bowflex three times a week. Plus trying to fit in Curves, my glider and Juliana and I going to Pilates. Oh, along with my normal weekly weight watchers. gotta be thin for my wedding! only nine months away! We'll see how it goes, i'm hopeful right now though.

Nothing really exciting. Work's the same, people are the same. but at least it's predictable.

Talk soon!