been awhile

I know it's been quite some time since I've been on here, but nothing has really gone on, so I didn't know what to say! No drama lately, which I guess really is a good thing.

Halloween is coming up. I like Halloween, but not nearly as much as my husband or my employees. It's ok, actually I only like the candy. Ha ha ha! But I do participate because they like it. At work we dress up every year as a group and try to win the contest. We've won all three places in the past. I hope we win this year too, but this is going to be a little harder. There are only three of us this time, so we decided to be Three's Company. I'm Janet, James is Jack and Michelle is Crissy. We each bought wigs that match them almost perfectly, and we're on the hunt for clothing. My Mom let Michelle and I borrow some of hers. She had a storage container of some of her favorites from the 70's that fit us perfectly. We still need shoes though, and James still needs clothes. I think he may try Good Will today and see if he can find anything. I think it will work really well when we are all together, but if you see us separately throughout the day you may not have any idea who we are.

Then Saturday there is a party at a friend's house that Steve and I go to every year. Dress-up is mandatory, and we won last year. The first year we were Neo and Trinity from The Matrix, and last year we were Pirates from The Pirates of the Caribbean. We love movies. This year Steve thought it would be fun to be Jack and Sally from A Nightmare Before Christmas. I actually have never seen that movie, but know who the characters are, and the costumes are great! I'll post pictures next week of both. Should be fun.

Little Charlie has a costume this year even though he's only 7 months old. Amy hasn't decided if she's going to take him out or not though, he's so little. But she wanted him to have a costume so she could get a picture in it! Unfortunately, she bought it a month ago, and the little monkey is growing like a weed and his legs are too long for it now! If she takes him out she is going to cut the feet off of it. He's going to be a pumpkin. Very cute. Little hat with the stem at the top and everything. Don't think he likes it, he'd rather be naked, but he's cute anyway.

Well, think that may be it for now, hope everyone has a good time and be safe.
talk soon


christmas for the soldiers

My friend at "Mementos of a Military Mom" posted this picture so I have to too!!
She and "Her Soldier's" fiance have a "Christmas Presence" campaign going, please check out her blog about it, and I decided that my company needed to get involved. I love that soldier, he is a great guy, and there are approx. 40 men and women in his unit in Iraq.

Well, long story short, my company is wonderful. I have recieved SO MANY goodies to send over there, along with 12 baseballs, 6 mitts and a bat from the President of our company!! Lots of boxes! It is very touching how many people really care and will all come together to do something special to show their thanks.

The photo is of a desk in our office full of all the goodies, and there are more that haven't made it to the desk yet!! So exciting!!


Nice weekend

Ok, so it took me a few days to get on here again! :)

Steve and I had a great weekend. He went hunting Saturday morning (at like 4am, first day of Bow Hunting season) and (after I got out of bed) I went grocery shopping for our trip.

We left around noon or so, about a three hour drive, not bad at all. The cabin was very cute. The one we stayed in about 2 years ago was one big room, bedroom, living room and kitchen in one room like a studio apartment, but this one was like a little house. All separate. Very cute. Full kitchen, love seat, recliner and wood-burning fireplace, all that good stuff. It was decorated very cute too.

The bathroom was a little gross, but I am also very anal about a clean bathroom. I just didn't feel like I wanted barefeet in the shower, I hate that. and the bed!! That was hilarious! barely moving on the bed made the entire thing squeak and shake. so we didn't sleep well, every time either of us just barely moved the other woke up. we got smart the second night and just put the mattress on the floor. that did help.

Hot tub though, I love it!! I know I am anal about clean bathroom stuff, and this is a hot tub outside on the deck, but you can tell it is super full of chemicals to kill anything, strong chlorine smell, which was fine with me. It was blue marble inside and just wonderful! super hot and very bubbly. I loved it. It was a little warm to get in during mid-day, but we were in it in the mornings and evenings. so relaxing.

Sunday, on our anniversary, we did go on some of the trails and go hiking. Ash Cave is my all-time favorite there. It is truly amazing and beautiful. Pictures don't even do justice to the impressive size of this cave, I just really love it. I brought a backpack and made sandwiches and brought pop and we could picnic out.
Once we got back we had dessert. We had attacked the top of our wedding cake the day after the wedding on the couch with two forks. and with everything that has been going on I forgot to order a small cake like I planned on. So, I found a small little two-person cake at Wal-mart before we left. White cake (Steve's favorite, I always go for chocolate) with the piped frosting all around it and little sprinkles. I brought our cake topper with us, and so when we got back I surprised him with it. I'm a dork, I know this, but those little things are important to me! He laughed at me but he loved it too.

We really needed this trip, and I'm so glad we had the chance to go.

Since then, I've been spending time with "my little monkey" who is just the cutest thing of course!! still trying to get him to crawl, he's so close!! it's almost like he'd rather be in his walker running around though. Amy needs to still send me the link to his 6 month pictures and then i'll post some, or I need to scan the ones I have, they are cute. My favorite is him in his little Cleveland Browns outfit looking at a football, which looks giant next to him!

Well that's it for now, hope everyone is wonderful!!
I'll write more soon.