we're on the move!

well, this is moving weekend.

I am working half a day today because I have five billion calls to make to give my new address. My school loan, insurance, etc. all the places that close before 5:00.

Steve is staying at his mom's tonight, hunting season starts tomorrow morning. Then we'll sign our lease at 10:30 and then let the moving begin. It's going to be a long hard weekend, but I'm very excited to get all settled in at our new place!!!

Going shopping tonight with mom when I get all my stuff done. She's feeling left out because she and I never do anything together. That's not why we're shopping tonight though, I had planned to ask her to go before I got this info. Truth is, I hate the mall. I don't really like shopping unless it's small, particular stores, and I usually have a goal in mind. We're different like that. That's why she and my sister do so well, they both love it. Plus, I work at least 50 hrs. per week, so when I get home, I have no desire to go out and shop all evening. I'm tired. I'm a lot like dad.

Anyway, I need a winter coat, I sold one at the garage sale, and gave the other to Good Will. So, that's tonight's plan. We'll have fun.


work sucks

Thank God home is going great, I don't think I could take it if it wasn't!
Work Sucks!
I can not win!
I have managed to piss off my employees, but we have work to do! I don't know how to change my attitude, because I realize that I am not fun anymore, but we have to get stuff done. I feel bad that I am horrible, but I don't know what to do! I can't do all this stuff myself.
I hate getting up in the morning with the horrible feeling that I have to go to work. I would do just about anything to not have to be at this job anymore! I just can't seem to find a new one.
I would love to stay friends with these people, but I think that I have to leave the company in order to do that...


my last name

I've been Jennie B. for as long as I can remember. Everyone calls me that. All of my friends do because there are so many Jennies around. In Juliana's wedding there were 4 of us! Work calls me that because Badalamenti is too hard/long to say.

I'm going to be Jennie James now. Well, not now, but sometime in the next year or two. That's so strange. Not that it's a bad thing, I love Steve and I'm very excited, but it's strange that I won't be Jennie B. any longer.

When I was little I couldn't wait to get married. I always said as a child that I was going to marry someone with the smallest last name possible. Well, 27 years later, I'm proud of that name and a little attached (which isn't surprising because I get attached to everything!). It's going to be sad to lose the Badalamenti name. Is that wierd that I think that?

I'm excited to marry Steve though. I feel very lucky and happy at the same time. I'm still kind of shocked, I thought we would end up together, but now that it's a reality, I'm just shocked that it really happened. Two years ago, I was saying forget it, now look!

Jennie James, huh. Just call me JJ!


bocce ball

ok, so we still haven't gotten any work done, but I am a little happier this afternoon. My last post was at a really stressed time and I vented it all out. We played bocce ball as a "work function" today, and I didn't want to take the time to do it, but it really ended up being pretty fun. Matthew and I did terribly. We lost in the first round 7-6,
to two girls that never have played.
Go figure!
We each got 3 pts. at least...

i need patience

I need to gain some patience. Actually that's probably not quite accurate. I went about this management thing wrong in the beginning. I'm friends with my group. Now, that's not at all a bad thing, and I'm glad that I am, but sometimes it completely bites me.

I am a person that gets deadlines and wants to make them. That's normal I think. I also realize though, that in this department our deadlines are insane! A lot of the time, they just aren't possible. The problem is, most of my group doesn't seem to care. They work, until something more fun comes around and then they slack off. They don't understand, or maybe they do, that regardless of whether they work or not, I have to meet these deadlines. I am responsible whether my team comes through or not. That sucks.

It's not all of them. There is one that works and works and works, and although it's not always perfect, it is definitely appreciated. I just wish that this could always be an entire group effort. I know that they are just mad that we have so much to do, and we really need a break, but these are our jobs. We don't have to like them.

Someone once said, well, if we don't make it on time they'll realize that they have to give us more time. Let me tell you, no they won't. And the only one that it hurts is me. Because then I have to come in on the weekends and work late, and when review time comes around I get points deducted because we didn't hit deadlines for the year, and some of them make more than I do anyway which really hits hard. I don't do that to my team, I just take the responsibility because that's my job. And I hate it.



I can't stand "drama queens." I'm not referring to any sexual preference when I say that either. I know both gay and straight drama queens. I just can't stand that! You can't have any sort of meaningful conversation with these people without having to hear the "whoa me" comments that follow. That is so irritating!

It's not that I don't care what is going on in their lives. I do. I want everyone to be happy and healthy, but sometimes I just can't come up with the energy to deal.

You try to share good news and all you get is their story is the same but more important, more exciting, more upsetting, bigger, longer, better than ever etc....

Had to get that off my chest, irritated, but feeling better... thanks!

exciting times

Everything is happening so fast and it's so exciting!

Steve and I got the apartment in Norton, which is great. It's beautiful there and Chris, Darin, Juliana and Lane said everyone is really nice and it's quiet, which is much different from where I live now!

Steve is finished with his job and doesn't start the new job until Monday so he's spending the rest of the week packing. We are having a garage sale at his mom's on Saturday so he's getting that all together as well as packing to move. My parents are letting him keep his stuff at their house, which is really nice, until we move so he's driving back and forth filling his truck and staying with me in the evenings.

I'm a little nervous to have him live in my little apt. with me just because it's so small and with us both on day shift for a little while (he switches to 3rd shift after he's trained) we'll be on top of each other! It's going to be nice to see him more though, I miss him a lot during the week.

Wow, I never thought about a year and a half ago that this would be going on in my life! I figured I'd be single forever! This is so exciting...

I have realized that I am a pack rat. I don't keep everything just to keep it though, I attach to things! I have so many things that were my grandparents, or A. Bon's that I just can't part with. He doesn't really understand that, which of course he wouldn't because he didn't know them, and I just think guys are different that way. But I need to learn to get rid of some things! Right now, the stuff that was once someone importants is moving to Amy's or my mom's until we have more room. Then I'll decide whether I have to have it or not. It's very hard for me to let go of things, but I'm getting a little better. He'll still probably freak out because there's still a lot!!


Here's to a better weekend!

This weekend is going to be better. I don't have any plans yet, but it just has to be good!!! I'm jynxing myself aren't I?!

On a happy note though, done taking antibiotics, and Steve and I got an apartment!!!

Have a good one....


What a Cutie!

Look at my friend's little guy, what a cutie he is!

too many thoughts...

  • Is it a good idea for all the New Orleans people to come to Cleveland?
  • Why do I keep getting cold sores on my lip by just mentioning the words?
  • Why am I in the 2% for medication side effects? (yes, still dealing)
  • Why can't we get anyone to understand the catalog process and what we need in order to do it correctly?
  • Why am I a little manager here, but tend to feel a LOT smarter than the "higher-ups"?
  • What is this world coming to? and should we really bring more children into it?
  • Why am I so impatient? Where did I get that from?

On a lighter note...

  • Who is going to win Big Brother 6?
  • Are Steve and I going to get this apartment?
  • When should we get married?

Someday, these will all be answered, until then, life goes on....



Question on Katrina,

Why didn't they take all those buses that they used last week to get those people out, and bring them to New Orleans a week earlier to get people out while they were still alive?

That would make more sense to me.

what a bad bad bad weekend!

What a horrible time! I was so looking forward to 3 days with Steve, which I still got, but it wasn't fun! I don't know if I had an antibiotic side-effect, or caught a bug, but I spent the majority of the three days in the bathroom!!

Not everything was horrible though, it was nice to get to see him longer, and we did fill out paperwork for a new apartment, so that's very exciting.

But after all the bathroom trips, then I fell down the stairs! I have a spiral staircase, and in almost four years of spending my time laughing at everyone that falls, I did it myself!

Poor Steve, is he ready for me? This was terrible!


Isn't he cute!

Well, I'm sitting at work, the day before a 3 day weekend, and I'm day dreaming. There's an hour to go, and I'm done!!
I get to spend three days with Steve! I can't help it, I know we both look like complete dorks in this photo, but he's just so cute! That's what I'm thinking about at 4:00 on a Friday!

rough year

This has been a rough year for me health-wise it seems! I was just talking to a friend of mine, she's big into the Chinese stuff, and she said it's the year of the rooster, and she agrees with me that this hasn't been so good all around this year. i'm ready for 2006!

Turns out, along with same lines as the yogurt ordeal, that you can get side-effects from the medication that they give you for that. Sometimes, I see ads on TV for medicine, and at the end of the commercial they tell you everything that can happen to you if you take this medicine, you wonder "are the side-effects worse than the orginal ailment?" and I totally believe it this time!

I'm at work, and all my people are off today, which they definitely totally deserve, but I have a billion things to do on my own, along with running to the bathroom every couple of minutes, this is not fun at all! I even called my mom to have her bring me some medicine so that I could actually make it through the rest of the day!

I hope this 3 day weekend improves, I hope the doctor calls and prescribes something else, and I hope 2006 is a better year!



What the hell is George Bush doing?! Nothing! Nothing to help us at all. The country is going to hell. I laughed a few weeks ago when I was talking to my fiance and he said something about moving out of the country. I said "I like it here, I want to stay here." And he said "In 5 years tell me if you still think that"

I didn't think anything of it at the time. Now I laugh at myself, that may not be such a bad idea after all. Our President is doing nothing but making things hundreds of times worse for everyone. Between Iraq war, gas prices, terrorist attacks and natural disasters, we're screwed!

I read on the news today that Bush's popularity has dropped quite a lot in the past few months, no crap! He needs to step up and do something about it. What was America thinking in November?

On another note, I would love to help out the people in the path of Katrina. I feel horrible for those people, I just don't know what I could do, or how I would get there. Plus, it's becoming quite a scary situation with the looting and shootings...

I have so many views on things going on in our country right now. I would love to write them all down, but I don't know how anyone will take them. Some people I have spoken to have gotten offended, while others completely agree. I'll slowly bring them in over time I think.

I have also realized in the last two days, that I am not at all a writer! I have a hard time getting my thoughts in order and I end up rambling. Sorry!


I've never laughed so hard in my life! I was literally crying! It was so funny!
there is this guy that works here. Really big guy, kind of waddles along, really gross actually. Long stringy hair. Etc.
Anyway, he tends to do that "puke-burp" while he's talking to you, and it just makes me want to gag! Yuck!! I can't even get it down in writing how disgusting it is!
We were trying to imitate him today, basically because we are so sick of designing sale catalogs that we can't stand it anymore! I laughed so hard I started crying! I have a horrible gag reflex, and Krista and Matthew got it down good. I seriously think I almost lost my breakfast bar!
Wow, we really needed that in here!


When it rains it pours.....

I am hoping that this whole blog thing I'm doing doesn't become completely negative all the time. But I have to get a few things out. When things are going great, it seems everything is great, but when things are bad it's a downward spiral that has no end in site.

Yesterday I learned that yogurt causes bacterial infections! What!?! I thought I was doing good by eating yogurt for lunch everyday (and sometimes more) because it's good for you, and on the weight watchers scale, it's low in points. Then I find out from my doctor, that too much yogurt can lead to too much bacteria in places that you don't want too much bacteria! not so much fun!

Then after that great news I realized that I was way, way, way under 1/4 of a tank of gas, and prices soared to $3.09/gallon! Holy Crap! I won't go into this though because everyone is thinking the same thing I am with this one.

I'm going to end this at this point, only really complaining about two things. I could go into work, and apartments, and all that fun stuff but I'll leave that for another time.