Baby Scherler

Tara brought baby Sidney in today for all of us to see. She is 10 days old and SO cute!

Now, I don't want to offend anyone, but newborn babies look like little monkies, they aren't cute. But Sidney was adorable! Her daddy is so proud too, he was holding her when they walked in our room and he's all smiles.

She's very dark complected, and has perfect little ears and lips. Very long feet and hands, tara says she has "rockette" legs! Very cute. And lots of dark hair. Blue eyes, but that could change.

I'm really happy for them!


christmas time is coming!

I'm so excited! i love christmas time! i love giving people gifts, i don't really care if i get them myself or not. I didn't go quite as overboard as i usually do this year with everyone though, i think i chose well, but my prices didn't get out of control. I think because usually i start buying gifts at the end of the summer and then even if i'm done i keep buying up to christmas as i see stuff. this year i started later. it drove me a little crazy, but i saved some money.

what else, i have to go to portland this year for work. i'm not excited. i had a good time and learned a lot last year, but i don't really want to go. i'm sure i'll be fine once i get there, it's just the initial trip...

steve got a piece of metal in his eye at work this week. that really has to suck bad. we went to the emergency room on wednesday, and then he went to the doctor today to get the rust ring cut out. i had to go to work after we got home, so i hope he's doing ok!!

the crazy christmas plans start this weekend. we're so busy from now until like the 29th or something. it'll be fun, but at the same time, i really like the idea of sitting at home and doing nothing!! i'm so lazy sometimes, i work too much to keep running and running.

that's about it. i have learned as i've been writing in this blog, that i have a pretty boring life!


bits and pieces

some bits and pieces of the last few weeks...

Thanksgiving went well. I love thanksgiving food! love it. It was fun to go to A. Betty's and see everyone, I wish we could get together more often than we do. Kelly and Joey are great.

Went to Cory's for thanksgiving on Saturday too. Totally a Martha Stewart house and dinner! it was great! It felt like I walked right into a giant Christmas shop...

Steve and I shopped on Black Friday!! Neither one of us had ever done that before, but the paper had such great deals! We got a 6.5' pre-lit tree for $25! how can you beat that!! then we came home and decorated for Christmas and wrapped some presents. It was a really fun day.

Friends and Family is today at work. It's always a crazy day. We are so busy right now though, that I would rather my people didn't go over until after work or at lunch, but there's no guantees that I can really keep them in here. which sucks, because that makes me a shitty boss!

christmas is right around the corner! I'm so excited this year! we are going to be so busy though, between everyone we have to see. My group is coming over our place to celebrate on a friday night, then Linda's on christmas eve, then my mom in the morning and his dad in the afternoon. then A. Cindy's the wednesday after. what a crazy time! then just when it settles down, I have to go to Portland for work!

here we go!!!

Oh, some exciting news...Matthew's about to be a dad!!!! yeah!!