I have a Nephew!!!!

His name is Charlie (Charles Scott) and he is SOOOOOO cute!!! I'm including photos, there are from about 10 minutes after he was born, I'll post newer ones later.

Amy actually had him on her due date!! (it's been a crazy week) Her water broke on Tuesday night and she had him Wednesday morning about 7:30. I got to be in the delivery room, and she was a trooper! She did great!

Mommy and baby (and Daddy) are happy and healthy. Mommy was born at 7lbs, and Daddy around 6lbs, but little Charlie was 8lbs, 9oz and 23" long!!! Very long and thin, just like Daddy. He looks like Amy though for sure.

He's getting his picture taken today and yesterday he went to his first Doctor apt and they said he is 100% healthy. He's just great.

Steve and I went over on Saturday so he could meet his new nephew, and he did great with him. He didn't get a chance to be there when he was born because he couldn't get out of work.

Anyway, all is good, and I'm so excited! they like an hour away unfortunately, so I think I'm going to visit Friday night...I'll fill in more about this little cutey later!


due date

well, Amy's due date is tomorrow! She goes to the doctor in the morning for another ultrasound to see how big the little guy is getting. I guess if he's getting really big, which he won't be because Scott was born a little over 6lbs and Amy was a little over 7lbs, then they'll decide what to do at this point.
If he's little, they are going to keep waiting it out. The doctor said he won't let her go over the 1st. She's excited but extremely uncomfortable. She has a rash that has been all over her belly for a few months now, but said now it's spreading over her arms and legs. she's constantly trying not to itch! The doctor said about 3% of woman get this. That's our family!!
I always get the small % reactions from medication and stuff.....

Can't wait to see him!!!


too many projects, still no baby

I've been so busy, but I love being busy. I work approx. 50 hours per week, and then I picked up way too much freelance work. This printer I know decided to start his own company and wanted to be able to offer graphic design work as well as printing, so he asked me if i'd jump on board for some extra money. it's fun to do work other than "country giftware" which I do my 50 hours per week. He's had me make brochures for mortgage companies and verizon as well as business cards and logos for a motorcycle company and his printing company. I like the wide range of projects.
but I'm so busy!!! I can only work on that stuff after I leave work, which is anywhere from 5-6:30 or so. plus I'm trying to do it all when Steve isn't home, which is Wednesday through Saturday, so sleep isn't happening much! but hey, I'm busy and it's fun.

No baby yet. Amy goes to the doctor every Thursday and then calls and updates me. she gained 5 lbs. this week and in the last 2 days is really holding water. her socks are leaving marks on her ankles and she can't put her rings on, she's not real happy. but she isn't dialated any yet either, so I think we have some time still. She's not really due for another 1-1/2 weeks or so, and the doctor said he wouldn't let her go past the 1st without inducing her, so within 3 weeks we should have a baby in the family!! She bought him a little Easter outfit to wear over to mom's this year, and mom thinks she needs to get him an Easter basket, even though he'll only be days to weeks old, but hey, whatever, we're all excited!

that's it for now! hope all is well in blog-land!