April weather

It's still cold!!!

I'm so tired of multiple clothing layers, winter coats, gloves, scarfs, hats etc...I need 80 degrees!! I'd even be happy with 60 right now. Someone told me once that if you go on vacation yearly, February and March were really the best months to go because you are starting to get fed up with the weather and need to see some sunshine. Sunshine makes you feel better.

I think April would be a great month to go! Especially when you live in Ohio and it's still snowing! Ok, right now it's just windy, but it's supposed to snow tomorrow night again. I guess a giant storm is coming across the Northeast. They even moved the Cleveland Indians game from 7pm tomorrow night to 1pm in the afternoon to try and actually get a home game or two in!

Where's the sun!!!!!


Little Charlie

Here are some updated pictures of my little nephew Charlie. I've been in "charlie land" lately, sorry for not posting more. he's so darn cute!!