my titles are usually misc..because i never have much for topics anymore! lol. I am not on here enough so when i do get on i just have to update everything.

We are still house hunting. we have a different realtor because my friend's schedule just didn't match with ours so she switched us to someone else in her office. the new woman has a lot more time. We've found two houses that are really nice. going to the first one for a second time tomorrow to look again. these decisions are difficult!

Happy Father's day to everyone out there. Yesterday we spent the day with Steve's dad and stepmom plus his grandma and Del. it was fun, we don't see them nearly as much as we should. We hadn't seen Velma and Del since our wedding, and that's coming up on two years almost. It was a nice day. I like hearing all their stories.

Going to dinner at my Dad's tonight. Play with the little monkey awhile, it'll be fun.

Still spinning, not as much as i'd like, the classes are pretty full and difficult to get into. I may try their other location in Medina and see if i can get in some of those classes. I'm not far from there from work.

The Seville yard sales were this weekend. My dad and his neighbor always set up there. they love it. went over friday at lunchtime to see them and hang out a little. they were pretty busy. then spent a few hours there on saturday helping him sell stuff. the yard sales are crazy there. the whole town sets up and food vendors and everything come out. kind of like a fair it's so busy. they do really well there every year and really look forward to it.

that's about it i guess. nothing super exciting. house hunting is fun though!


Wii Fit

Ok, yes I am a sucker to the Wii. Steve and I got one for Christmas and it is the coolest thing. lol. I am not at all a video game fan, haven't really been since Super Mario Brothers on Nintendo way back when. But this thing is cool.

First we played the sports games that came with it, which are fun. Get you off the couch and playing. You make a little Mii person that you play with. My Jennie girl is cute I must say. :)

We've played other things with Wii, we've downloaded a lot of old Nintendo games (which you can buy online for like $5/ea) and just recently we got Wii Fit. I thought it may be dumb, claiming to be a fitness game but that thing is great! I don't know that you would actually get enough of a workout on it to notice a difference, but it really does get you moving.

You play with your Mii and stand on this board to do it. At first it weighs you, you tell it some info and it tells you your BMI and how much you need to lose to be at a perfect weight. Everyday you are supposed to get on and track your progress. and if you do outside activities (like my spin classes) you can log those in too. Then you can play games that really get you working out!

You choose between a bunch of categories, aerobics, strength, yoga etc. and you play the games or do the activities in there. The more you do and do successfully the more activities you "unlock" and add to your collection. My favorite has to be hula hooping. It is freaking hysterical! you pretend to hula hoop as fast as possible, and they throw more hoops at you as you go and your points add up. it's great and it totally wears me out!!

There's skiing and step classes and jogging and yoga poses and push-ups, all kinds of things. Plus balance, they always balance test you and tell you where you stand. I tend to stand with more weight on my left leg than my right.

I could go on and on but don't have much time. Just wanted everyone to know that this thing is so fun and funny. Everyone should try it!!