what's been going on...

nothing super crazy, just normal life.

Babysat my nephew last week while Amy and Scott went to a wedding (it's the year of weddings and babies, I have another wedding this weekend) it went OK. I was more panicky then I expected to be, but we survived. I just love him!

Amy went back to work this week. She's very sad about that, feels like she is always leaving him. Mom (grandma) is the babysitter. Amy works three nights a week, Mom by herself for one, with Scott for the second (so Scott doesn't have to get up during the night since he has to work the next day) and Scott by himself the third (which I think is good because then Charlie can hang out with Daddy a night) Seems to be going OK, although my Mom is exhausted. She's not used to this, hasn't had to do it in awhile. I think Uncle Steve might try to step in a little during the day so Amy and Mom can take some naps!! Everyone will get the hang of it eventually though.

Steve and I bought bikes! we decided that we needed some fun form of exercise, I get bored easily. So we went to Walmart and bought just cheap-o bikes. He had to teach me to ride though, which was interesting. I had a bike when I was little, but I was never aloud to leave the driveway, so I didn't really learn what I was doing. It went well though, and it's a lot of fun! we figured if we keep it up maybe we'll by nicer ones next summer. I am very out of shape though!! Flat ground and down hill is simple, but going up any little hill is rough!! It'll get better though.

I think that might be the excitement for now, if I think of anything else I'll fill ya in!

the wedding of the century...

Some of my work friends and I attended the biggest, most expensive wedding I've ever been to. It was really beautiful! not something I would want really, very formal, I like more relaxed atmosphere, but it was really fun to go to and see.

It was downtown Cleveland at the Renaissance Hotel, but Jacob's Field and the Q, and it was impressive. We had "cocktail hour" where we all stood and socialized in this gorgeous room while servers carried around Tiffany Blue Martinis and hor'deurves, then went into the formal dinner room.
Dinner was an appetizer crab cake, an iceberg wedge salad with tomatoes, bacon and blue cheese dressing, and then dinner was a filet mignon (the best one I've ever tasted!), garlic mashed potatoes and asparagus. Dessert was Creme brule and wedding cake. it was really nice.

We totally don't do that kind of thing normally though, the place settings had all the crazy utensils (work from the outside in!) and both a white and red wine glass. There was an actual live band performing and the centerpieces were gorgeous giant vases full of flowers.

I have only a few photos to show of us on this computer. the first one is the Bride and Groom with two of their friends, and the second is my work group. My friend James came with me because Steve had to work. :( He's sad he missed out.