and finally...the halloween photos

Three's Company was for work, with my friends James and Michelle.

Steve and I did The Nightmare Before Christmas

Hope you like them!


little monkey

yes, i am such a slacker. I have our halloween photos on a disk at home and I keep forgetting to post them! I'm sorry! They are really good too I must say! :)

BUT, I have to post the newest pictures of "my little monkey" These were taken this morning, Amy is trying to find "the perfect" picture of him to put on her xmas cards. I think they are all perfect of course because my nephew is a cutie. (I talk about him like he's my own! I can't help it, I love him)
He hasn't crawled yet, but he gets in the position in order to sit. He'd rather stand because he can stand with a toy in hand, can't crawl and bring toys with you! Lol. He also just had two teeth break through, so he's not been a real happy little camper. He's growing so fast!