four days to go!

wow!! four days!!

yesterday, the guy from the park system called to let me know that the Vietnam Veterans Traveling Tribute Wall will be at the gazebo where we are supposed to get married! He said we could still use the gazebo if we wanted, but the road would be blocked off and a lot of people will be around! good timing!

Now, don't get me wrong, i think that wall is a very special thing, and I would actually like to see it, BUT, why couldn't he tell me earlier!!! He did offer for us to get married at the Mum festival that's on the other side of the lake. there is a huge arch of mums there, and he would clear the area for us. it'll be pretty but last minute stuff is driving me crazy!!!

other than that, I think Steve is going to take tonight off to help me with all the last minute stuff, and we're about done. as long as nothing else goes wrong!!!

I'm still very excited though! but very tired!!


shower, bachlorette party and strep throat...

My sister held a "friends shower" on Saturday for me. We separated that from the family shower because the family shower had so many people. Amy did an amazing job. I kind of felt bad because I didn't do nearly as much for her as she did for me on Saturday. She thinks of everything and is so creative! The favors were jelly jars containing all the ingredients for making Reese's Pieces cookies!

The shower went really good. 17 people including Steve and I and both our Moms. We got so much stuff again!!!

The bach party was immediately following. Yes, it was a very long day, but it was so hard to find even one day that my three bridesmaids could do, I couldn't even imagine finding 2! Amy set up Pure Romance party, which I've been to before and it is totally hilarious! A room full of girls talking about sex and spa products, so funny! Then a few of us went out to the Galaxy which is a really nice place that has banquet halls, dining rooms, wine bars and a sports bar. We really didn't stay all that long, because we were beat!! Amy made me a veil to wear out though, and Steve's Mom bought me a white t-shirt that had "bride" written in little jewels. It was cute.

So, all in all a really fun day. The only problem through the whole thing was that I came down with Strep Throat on Thursday!! I went to the Dr. on Friday and he gave me an antibiotic and told me to take double each day to knock it out fast. That way by Saturday afternoon he said I was no longer contagious. So, I felt better, just stuffy and tired. but a fun day.

This weekend, Steve and his groomsmen are going to PA to a cabin to cook out and fish. He'll have a great time.

Then, in 11 days!!! Holy cow! this year has gone so fast!!! I'm so excited!

Grandma Barnes is still doing so-so. She had some tests done yesterday because she gained 12 lbs. of water weight in her legs! They thought she was getting blood clots, but luckily that was incorrect. They aren't sure what is going on, but she's back at the rehab center again. She really likes it there. She has a schedule for lunch and dinner with some other residents, and different shows she watches on TV. She won't talk on the phone during these events at all and since she can't speak well yet, when you call all she says is "eating" or "tv" and she hangs up on you!! :) it's a riot!! and she won't call back! you have to guess when she's finished to talk to her or you'll get hung up on again! She seems in good spirits though for so much going on. We just continue to pray...

That's some of my life for now. more later. Blogging is such a great thing to have even if it is only to get everything out on paper- so to speak. I no longer have the desire to write, typing is easier! it's just great to put some thoughts down...



We ordered our cake yesterday! it was fun!

We went a little overboard, but we've been very conservative with our other plans, so I wanted a big cake! It has three tiers, with a fountain underneath them, deep dark chocolate in flavor and the icing roses on the cake light up! The roses are yellow, red and orange (all deep colored) and the yellow roses light up. dark green leaves, and three separate small cakes around the outside. yellow and marble flavored. very fun. I can't wait to see it finished!!

One thing that has gone very well. thank goodness!


when it rains it pours!

so it's probably not all that bad, but I'm stressed out so it seems like it!

Just little problems. The limo company that was providing 2 6-passenger limos called to tell me that he only had one. he left that on my voicemail at night. I freaked out. in the morning I called and he started laughing and said that he has one 6 passenger and one 10 passenger and would that work? no extra money. of course that would work! why couldn't he have left that message! he said he works with brides all the time and freaking them out is a little fun. jerk. :)

My photographer unexpectedly had to go in this past monday for reconstructive knee surgury and is out of commission until Dec. what luck! he's hooking us up with another photographer that he knows though, that also knows our DJ, so all should be fine. I'm just disappointed because my original photographer won't be there. I had really gotten to know him and his wife over the last year, done some graphic design work for his company and he's a lot of fun.

tried to order a cake last saturday. the bakery is open from 10a-4p, we were there about 1:30 or so. lady came out asked if we needed help. I told her we needed to order our cake and she said "oh, we don't take orders on Saturdays. We're making cakes for this evening. You wouldn't want us taking orders on your big day" Big Deal! why do I care if she takes orders or not! how long could taking an order possibly take!! and why are they open then at all!!! I was super ticked off!

Steve ushered me out before I had the opportunity to flip out on the woman and we are going to try and go tonight. problem is, they are only open until 6p on weekdays, and I work until 5. oh well.

On a good wedding note though, all the bridal party flowers are finished, all we need is reception flowers. and Linda also sent out the invites and info about the rehearsal dinner. a little late, but they are out and that is all that matters. the flowers are beautiful, she did a nice job.

Grandma Barnes' condition hasn't really changed. I wish I had great news to tell, but at least I don't have bad news either.

Wedding is Sept. 30, 16 days! I'm really very excited!! I just decided though, that I'm not going to verify anymore plans with service providers, that's when things go wrong!