the house

LOL, ok Cheryl. My friend informed me that she wants to hear about the house, so that's what this post will be.

We had the house inspection and had a few things that we wanted changed. Mostly electrical. Turns out that in order to get a VA loan (my husband was in the Air Force so we qualify for that) these things have to be fixed. The sellers fixed everything last week, and we are going in tonight for the appraisal and to see what they did.

It's very exciting!! Then I heard after this we are home free until close. Actually, we walk through three days before close to make sure everything is good and then we close. We close in September, beginning of, and get the keys then.

It's really a nice house. We got the ranch that we wanted, and a lot of room really. Small yard, but it's surrounded by trees, so it feels very private. Two bedrooms and two full baths upstairs and then the basement is finished and we have two more bedrooms and a bathroom down there. Really nice kitchen, all appliances staying. Back deck, pretty good size. We want to do a little work to one of the bathrooms and paint and clean and stuff but it doesn't need anything major. We'll work on it, but nothing that absolutely has to be done, which is nice.

And we can do everything we want before moving anything in, which is also nice. Plus, I like the area. I love where we are now, it's convenient and I grew up there so I'm partial, but it's going to be nice being there. Steve and I both know the area and I have a lot of friends around. and really it's not much farther than we are now. Not a far move or anything.

I'll keep you posted. If there is anything I missed that you want to know, just comment and I'll respond. I'm sure I'm skipping a lot.

very interesting blog

I was playing around online one day and came across a really interesting blog. allaboutolive.com
if you get a chance to read it. It was a blog written by the "oldest known blogger in the world". Actually, Olive's friend, Mike, typed it for her, but she told the stories.

Olive just passed away at the age of 108, she would have been 109 in October I believe. Born in 1899. I haven't gotten real far in it, tried to start at the beginning, she started in Feb of 2007, and start reading, but the stories of her life are really great to read. It's amazing the difference between the world then and the world now and everything that she had lived through.

She lived in Australia and had people all over the world reading her blog. As I said, I think I'm only on her 7th post or so, but if you have some extra time on your hands, it might be interesting to read.

Since she passed, her friend Mike has updated it a little bit. and he's trying to reply to everyone's comments as well as keep the blog going, it's getting a little slow with so many people trying to read it.

That's about all I have for now! hope everyone is enjoying their summers!


It's been a long time!


We've been busy! Actually, Steve and I both took last week off of work, which was nice. We went to a 3D shoot with Jim one day, went to Cedar Point, which is such a great place. All the newer crazy rides were packed, but we were able to get on all the older coasters without much wait so we really rode a lot of rides!

We took Linda and Jim to The Wilds. That place is so fun. It's an animal conservation type of place rather than a zoo. Non profit. You ride in a bus, open-air or closed, and have a tour guide drive you around. They have 10,000 acres there and all the animals, all endangered, wander pretty much freely. Some of course are closed off from others, but they have sooo much room. Zebras, rhinos, giraffes are the more familiar animals, then wild horses and a lot of animals from the deer family. It's so fun. We had giraffes and horses come right up to the bus. I'll post pictures later, we got some great ones.

We went to the Columbus Zoo on Saturday, that place is huge!! Cleveland Zoo is really nice, but Columbus is so much larger. The weather was so nice all week. Rained a little at The Wilds, but they said that was good because the animals were moving more.

We watched a ton of movies, Wall-E, Hancock, Wanted and Definitely, Maybe. They were all good, I love Pixar and I must say Wall-E wasn't one of my favorites, but I think kids would probably really like it. And no matter what the reviews say, Hancock was really good. Will Smith is a great actor. Wanted was a little more "blood and guts" than I normally like, but that movie was really good. Not what I expected at all, they really get you. Definitely, Maybe is more romantic comedy, but I really liked it. That's my movie review for the week. :)

I am working on the yearbook/reunion book for the Buchtel High Class of 1958 right now, for those of you who remember I did 1957's last year. I really like the gentleman that I am working with and so far (knock on wood) things are running pretty smoothly. It needs to go to the printer when I come back from Atlanta (I leave for that trade show again later this week) because their reunion is at the beginning of August, snuck up on me a little, but I think we'll make it.

Steve and I got a house!!!!! I am so excited. We made an offer last Monday, and they countered of course, higher than we really wanted, but we got a lower interest rate and the payments are what we were wanting so we took it. Signed the papers for the loan application yesterday and have the house inspection today. If all goes well, we close in September and get the keys. We are in our apartment through November so that gives us 3 months to move in!! Paint, clean, anything we want to do before we move any of our stuff in and then can move in slowly. That is so nice.

I'm very excited. :)

Well, that's it for now. I probably won't post again until next week after Atlanta. Everyone have fun!