Great Weekend!

Three days! It was so nice to have those three days. and Steve had them too, so we had a good time!

Friday night I went to Amy's and babysat Charlie for the evening. It was Scott's birthday and they went to dinner and a movie. Charlie was getting a few teeth in, so he was actually very calm and clingy. He sat on my lap the whole evening and we looked at books. He is so cute cuz he will tell you basically what he wants when you ask him. about 8:15 I said Charlie are you ready to go to sleep and he said yes. (which sounds more like "yesh") but he went right to the stairs and tried to fit under the gate to head up before I could move it. Went right to bed. What a good little boy.

Got up Saturday morning and went spinning. Then we went over to Steve's Mom's house because he got a new bow and wanted to shoot it for awhile. Had a good time. Went on a bike ride around the lake and got an ice cream cone at their little shop. Came back and started a bon fire in their fire pit in the backyard. They had their neighbor and her son and daughter-in-law coming over for a bbq that night too so we got everything set up. The son and daughter live in Manhatten and work for the New Jersey Orchestra and they are really interesting people. It was a lot of fun to meet them and listen to some stories.

Sunday we got up way too early :) and drove to Millersburg for a 3D shoot. It actually went OK. Steve did really well, Millersburg and I always seem to have problems. lol. but it went fine. Came home, showered and went to dinner with Steve's Dad and Cheryl. Had a good time with them, we don't see them as often as we should, it was Christmastime the last time.

Yesterday we slept in really late, which is always fun, and then went for a 25 mile bike ride. Let me tell ya, geez that's a long ride! This time we started in Canal Fulton instead of Barberton and rode through Massillon. Hadn't been that way before, really really pretty out there. I like that path a lot (part of the towpath) It was just a little too far for me though, I get sore sitting that long!! But it was my own fault because Steve told me to let him know when I was ready to turn around and I waited too long. But it was fun. Came home, showered, ate dinner and I went over to Mom's for a little bit. Hadn't seen them in awhile.

It was a really good weekend. Now I'm back to the same old grind. Been so busy at work. Two more really really long weeks and then I think we may slow down for a little while.

I think I could have used a week like this. There were so many things that we could have done, everyone was doing something, there just wasn't enough time to see everyone. But we had a really good time with the people we did see.

Hope everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend!


Aunt Bon

Yesterday I went to the cemertary and put some fake lilacs in her and U. Don's vase. So I felt like writing a post on her because I have mentioned her before.

A. Bon isn't really my Aunt. Her name is Yvonne and she was my parent's neighbor. I just couldn't say her name when i was really little. She had three daughters, all about 15ish years older than me, that I still keep in contact with, and they used to babysit me.

A. Bon was one of the best people I have ever known. She was a preschool teacher and the sweetest lady alive. Very easy to talk to, very giving, and probably my biggest cheerleader. She loved my family very much and we her.

We saw her everyday and she was a huge part of our lives. She used to come over in the summertime, knock on our front door and give us a huge bunch of lilacs (that she picked from our backyard) it was hilarious, but they were her favorite flower and if she gave us a bouquet it was ok for her to take one for herself she felt. which she was always welcome to do of course.

She was always supportive and knew what was going on in our lives. As I got older, if I was ever upset about something or something was wrong I'd run to her house. When my grandparents passed away and i couldn't get myself to go to the funerals she hung out with me for the day. She was so special to me. I'd go over and talk to her about anything all the time. She'd always listen and wouldn't give advice unless I was looking for it.

She was my Mom's best friend. My Dad said he came home from work once and we were all in the backyard. Mom and A. Bon in our kiddie pool and Amy and I playing outside of it. It was really funny. I always sat on her lap and she would make up the best stories to tell me. She and her daughters taught me all my letters and numbers and sang songs to me. We spent all holidays together.

She passed away in the summer of 1998. I was supposed to move to PA for school and postponed it for a quarter. I visited her often in the hospital. I remember the last weekend she was with us her daughter came over to tell us it was almost time and i couldn't go. but i didn't know where to go because she was my safety net. It was horrible.

Once she was gone I became friends with U. Don, who was my Dad's best friend. Mom made him dinner most nights and I would bring it over to him and sit and talk for awhile. He was just as wonderful, but had a bit of a harder shell to get through. It was just as hard when he passed away in 2001.

Their daughters auctioned the house off and I remember Mom bringing me a lamp and some misc. pieces to keep and I stayed in the house with their grandchildren (which I babysat) I couldn't even go outside and watch. I have those pieces still today. Wonderful people bought the house luckily and my Dad has spent a lot of time the the guy there. They re-did the entire house and I have only gone inside once. It looks really nice, but I just still can't do it. 10 years later.

I go to the cemertary a lot and sit and talk to them. I probably look like an idiot, but it makes me happy. It's a beautiful place and I know they listen to me. It was wierd to do at first, but it makes me feel connected still. I could still cry at the drop of a hat about it. So could my Mom.
A. Bon was a part of our wedding too. We had a picture table where we had couple pictures of parents, siblings and grandparents, wedding pictures and stuff and I put them in. and even though it was a fall wedding i had a fake lilac tucked into my bouquet and my mom and sister did too.

I don't know if anyone can really understand how much they mean to me, and a lot of people probably think i'm crazy. But A. Bon is one of my favorite people. I know she is out there and watches over me and my family. and my Mom feels the same way.