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Oh also...I finally switch over to the New version of Blogger....yep, joined the rest of the world! but I haven't had time to figure out what's different. Can anyone help me? I don't really understand this stuff. I just create new posts and that's about it...


quiet weekend

what a quiet weekend, which is good of course. Steve had to work all weekend, so I had it to myself. I must say, I didn't do much! at least anything interesting!

Saturday I came to work for a few hours. Figured I might as well try to catch up on a few things. Plus I had a freelance job to do, this guy wanted a new business card, not too difficult. Then in the evening, since it was STILL snowing, I decided laundry, changing sheets and cleaning the bathroom would be fun! what good times! :)

Sunday was a long day of the same. More laundry, a little grocery shopping and more snow. Steve had a hard time sleeping during the day yesterday because he said since I changed the sheets his pillows were too "poofy" so I told him I would never change his pillowcases again, but they'd get quite nasty! :)

Glad it was quiet, didn't really want to go out in the snow so I can't complain, doesn't happen very often. If fact, I'd really like to do it again today! but I'm at work....

have a great week everyone!


scary night

My sister (and the whole family) sure had a scary night! Amy was going into work (Cleveland Clinic RN) Thursday night and fell on the ice. She is front heavy of course, so she started falling forward. She caught herself with her hands, but then her hands slid and she went sliding across the floor on her belly!

Not the best thing in the world when you are over 8 months pregnant!
She called both Mom and I in tears and said they were taking her to the hospital (Cleveland Clinic doesn't have labor and delivery) for the night for observation. Steve drove me over there and we met Dad and Mom.

She's ok. and so is the baby. Thank God!! They monitored her all night, monitor on her belly for the baby's heartbeat. She finally kicked us out and made us leave after a few hours because we couldn't help it, but all we were doing was watching the screen and his little heartbeat! it was nerve wracking! But their both good.

it was scary! she's got 5 weeks to go and we need that little fella, as well as her around!

That's my excitement for now, now we all just need to catch up on sleep! :)


Atlanta, Babies and lots of snow!

Atlanta went well. I can't believe it's been so long since my last post. I need to be like my new blogger friend and make it a resolution to post something everyday! I love that!

As I said, Atlanta went well. It's a crazy show. Three buildings, all over 18 stories, thousands of people. what an experience! rough days! twelve hours on your feet, which is a lot for a baby like me that sits at a desk all day! but being a salesman for a few days was fun. talking to people and just seeing the entire thing....

Amy's got 5 weeks to go! she's so cute! we went and got pedicures last night (a birthday present for Mom) so that she could have "cute toes" when she went to the hospital!

We've gotten dumped on as far as snow goes today! so much! granted, not as much as NY, 12 feet! we're only supposed to get 12 inches by morning, but I bet we have 6 already! we're used to snow, but not this much at one time! Not very excited to drive home from work today! Makes me nervous, but it'll be ok.

gotta run, but I'm going to try to do better! hope everyone out there in blogger-land is doing well!