misc stuff going on...

Poor OSU fans. Ohio State had a rough night last night! I am not a college football fan, but I am an NFL fan (and yes, I know the Browns are even worse!) but I met with some friends last night to watch part of the game. (They actually took today off of work, so I left mid-second quarter) I really only went because I have a friend that is a traveling nurse and she was in town this week. She has a great deal, if you want to travel constantly and don't have a family or anything! Every three months she gets offers from a few cities and picks which hospital to go to. They pay travel expense, housing and utilities and she just pays cable and phone. She's been all over. She keeps saying "just one more trip" but she said the money is so good she just can't quit! She's paid off all her school loans and her car and is saving for a house. Anyway, she just left San Diego and is heading to Philadelphia, but had a little time off.
It was fun to get together with her, she's always full of energy. Needless to say, OSU wasn't!

I'm heading to Atlanta for a trade show on Thursday. It'll be ok, I've never been there but it's only for five days and being a sales person for a few days will be something different. I usually go to Portland, OR, but they didn't need extra people this time (I have to go to a show once a year). Kind of disappointed about that, only because I've gotten to know that city and it's beautiful. Plus I just had a friend from Pittsburgh move there. But Atlanta will be fine. There's a lot of us going and my Photographer is going to be my roommate which is great.

My sister's husband bought her a 3D ultrasound from her doctor for Christmas! She wanted to do that but didn't really want to pay the money. It was the coolest thing I've ever seen! She brought over a 25 min. DVD of it for us to watch. That little baby boy is so cute! (I'm his Aunt and all, but he is!) :) He blinks and opens his mouth and moves around, so cute! I'm amazed at how much of a baby he looks like with her at 7 months, chubby cheeks and all! It was really amazing!

Ok, that's it for now, I'll get back here when I get home!


New Years

Well our New Years Eve celebration was great! Steve asked me in the morning what I wanted to do for the day, and I actually decided on nothing. It was perfect. There are very very few days that we actually get the entire day together, just the two of us, and that's what I wanted. So, we ran to Walmart, bought some stuff to make for dinner, rented some movies and went back home. Sat around in pj's all day. It was great. Turned on Dick Clark's Rockin' Eve around 11:45 (I never miss that!) and then I was asleep by 12:15.

Perfect day.

As a resolution, we both said we would find some ways to spend more time together. With our crazy jobs and different shift schedules, we really don't see each other much, and never every day which is just sad. We need to work on this. This it is a little bit out of our control since it involves work, it could take some juggling, but we'll make it happen...

My sister is at around 30 weeks now, and she's getting scared. It's very strange to see her like this, because she is usually the tough one, but not right now. Don't get me wrong, very excited, but still nervous. Any suggestions, tips, words of wisdom for the expectant mother?

I have a few friends that have told her some things, or funny things that happened to them, or things she doesn't need to worry about, and it seems to be helping her a little. The rest of us are very very excited though! I can't wait to see the little guy!