still so cute, plus hot weather!

Well, it's been a long time. for everyone too! all of my blogger friends have disappeared! i hope everyone out there is doing well!

it's finally warm outside! took a little while, but yesterday and today have been mid-80's, which is actually a little high for this time of year, but i'll take it!

Little Charlie is still cuter than ever. the photos below are of him at one month, he just turned 2 months, but i don't have those yet. so, they are old and he looks different now, but still cute.
he was baptised last Saturday, it was really nice. I'm his Godmother and Scott's brother is his Godfather. Scott wanted one from each side of the family, so Amy told Steve that he would be Godfather the next time. Anyway, it was fun.

next weekend going to a HUGE wedding. can't wait. it's downtown Cleveland in a giant hotel there. very elaborate, $220/person for the reception and very formal. can't wait to see it. i'm very happy for the bride and groom, i just wouldn't spend that kind of money. i'll post pictures of that afterwards.

anyway, think that's it for now! hope everyone is good!