Harry Potter

Ok, I'm stuck on that boy! but, so is my Husband!!
we didn't move all weekend! for those of you that have no idea, the last installment of the Harry Potter series came out this weekend. It was laying on our doorstep when I got up on Saturday.

I waited a few hours for Steve to get up, did some freelance work, and then we got to reading, oh, and we got two copies so we didn't fight!

we're so pathetic, but it was really good! Finished it last night!


Patsy Cline

I just got back from the Carousel Dinner Theatre. I went with Mom and Dad for Dad's birthday. We took him to see "Love Always, Patsy Cline". I loved it!!! I honestly didn't think I would like it. I love country music, but Patsy Cline, I just didn't know.

For those of you that don't know that theater, it's great. You get there around 7:00, for dinner. Your advanced tickets include dinner, and there is a menu to pick from. The food is great and the choices are different every time. I had chicken parmesan, Dad had a sirlion and Mom had beef tips and noodles. We got appetizers and salads as well. So much food! They serve dinner, then clear the plates before the show. It's a big theater all decked out. Really fun. The actors are unbelieveable! The show starts about 8:30 with an intermission in the middle for dessert. They switch the shows out every two months or so. Mom took me for my birthday a few months back and we saw "West Side Story"...so good!

It was really fun, and it was nice to hang out with my parents for an evening. I'm such a Daddy's girl!

ready for the weekend!

I've been in Atlanta for work for the last while. what a crazy place that is!!! I may have written about this in the past, I was there in January, but I still can't relate how crazy it is.

went for the americasmart trade show. first of all, it is three building, all at least 15 floors if not more. we are in building two, and i know there are 18 floors there. thousands and thousands of people, and this was slower than the january show!

the show runs 8a to 8p friday and saturday and 8a to 6p the rest of the week. so tiring. granted, i like going because it's different that what i normally do, and change is good. but once i get home i remember why i like my job!! being a salesman is hard work, being on your feet for 12+ hours is hard work, staying in a crappy hotel is hard work....i'm a complainer today, sorry!

I had a great time to tell you the truth. but man.
I don't want to end up offending anyone that might love that city or the hotel that i was in, so i won't go into detail. i'm happy to be home.

on another note, my dad is getting ready to go into surgury here in another week. he's having some disks in his neck/back fused together. that's not going to be a lot of fun. i'm such a daddy's girl and i'm a little nervous. i'm sure it'll go fine though. mom and amy and i are going to be at the hospital, and steve is going to watch charlie. then steve and i are going to keep charlie while amy's at work because mom needs to be able to help dad out. should be interesting! it'll be fun.

what else. my friend is going in next friday to have her second baby, a little girl. i'm so excited!! can't wait to see that little one!

that's about it. steve and i are harry potter fans, and the last book is getting delivered tomorrow, so i'm guessing our weekend is going to be filled with relaxing and reading that. i'm so excited to lounge around, it seems like it's been a long time!!

everyone have a good one!