It's snowing! What a horrible thought! I hate it!
Now it's time to start wishing for May. I went outside yesterday after work, it actually reached 70 yesterday. It was wonderful, you could almost smell spring (ok, so I was dreaming). I stood outside before I got in my car and just breathed it all in. I knew it was supposed to get really cold today and we were supposed to witness some of that white stuff, so I had to enjoy the last day.

I actually am a little sad that I didn't get to enjoy fall. I LOVE BONFIRES! Bonfires, smores, hot dogs, all that good stuff. Oh well, maybe next year...

At least, to look at the bright side, in the winter, nasty, cold weather, I can cuddle up to Steve! He probably hates that thought, but he's my body heat! :)



it's coming! faster than i had hoped for really. as far as gifts and everything are concerned. I can't believe that this year is almost over! it went so fast!

my mom said that i totally threw a wrench in her christmas shopping this year, because our wedding is all that she can think about. it through a wrench in my shopping too! i'm not usually as far ahead as she is, but i'm usually farther than i am now, which is nowhere!! i'm still excited though.

i have three bridesmaids now. tricia was so excited, which is great, because i was so nervous that she would say no! i feel bad about the other people that i didn't pick, they are great friends, but i know that i made the right decision and i hope that others don't get pissed off.

today is voting day. i really didn't even think about it to be honest. i usually only vote during presidential election years. that is horrible i know, but it's the subject that i usually know the most about. i really couldn't tell you who anyone is in Norton running for anything and i don't think it's right to go vote without all the information. i should have looked into it more, i think the norton school system needs some help! next time i'll make it. plus, i don't think i'm registed in norton yet because of moving...



well, i've decided that my blog is boring! i have nothing of interest to anyone else but myself~i can talk wedding plans forever, but i'm really the only one that cares....

saw steve's grandma today. she is the cutest thing. 81 years old and full of spunk. she said "so you're going to be my future granddaugter!" and i showed her my ring. i said i don't have any grandmas and she said she would try to be a great grandma for me. she's so cute!

it's friday, 3:30ish, and the week is almost over! steve dad is coming over sometime tomorrow, although i don't know when. he's not a big planner like i am. i like to know where i have to be and when, and he doesn't. which is fine, to each there own.

again, nothing of interest to anyone else! So.... i'll talk wedding!

meeting with a minister next week, and a photographer after that. if all goes well, those can be done. 19th going to a cake tasting with mom. i don't know if steve wants to go to that or not. then we can pick out of 3 bakeries and have that set. then i think the major things that need the date held can be done. then on to the fun stuff!

i'm going to ask tricia to be my 3rd bridesmaid on monday. i'm really nervous about that! i don't know why that is such a hard question to ask, but it is! what if she says no!!

Anyway, since i'm boring i'll go back to work.