Valentine's Day

Happy V-day! I've never really been big into this holiday. I'm not sure why. I think it's really because what in the world do you get a guy? i look at all the websites that have suggestions and think to myself Steve would never want any of the generic "guy" stuff. it's really hard! and i don't want to just buy presents like at Christmas or birthdays, because that's not "romantic" at all. It's really frustrating to me!

This year I ordered him glass beer stines (even though he doesn't drink) that have deer and pine trees etched into them. they are really cool! i don't know if he would ever use them, but I saw this woman in Portland that is amazing at this and had to get them. still not very romantic, but he LOVES deer, so I thought it may be a good idea. we'll see i guess.

You can definitely tell it is V-day at work though, everyone getting flowers delivered, bringing around candy and just being generally happy today. Too bad it's not like this everyday, make the place much more enjoyable!!!!