Let the year begin!

I'm back in the swing of things. Normal schedule again. I like it. I was on vacation time for a lot of December, then went to Portland OR for work the beginning of January. Don't get my wrong, it's nice to have everything mix up, but it was long enough.

Full wedding planning now. A little frustrating because my mother is trying to move too fast with plans and Steve's mom is moving way too slow for my taste. it'll all get figured out somehow I guess...

Trying a new workout plan that works for Steve. Drinking a gallon of water a day (yes I said a gallon!) and working out on his bowflex three times a week. Plus trying to fit in Curves, my glider and Juliana and I going to Pilates. Oh, along with my normal weekly weight watchers. gotta be thin for my wedding! only nine months away! We'll see how it goes, i'm hopeful right now though.

Nothing really exciting. Work's the same, people are the same. but at least it's predictable.

Talk soon!